Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ features for businesses

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has often been called the ‘productivity partner’ and for good reason too as it puts more focus on the business side of the tablet. This is useful as more and more teams move to the virtual workplace where you’ll want all the latest features to help you run your business.

Improved S-Pen

Improvements to the S-Pen have been made, with it being slightly bigger than its predecessor and more responsive. Reduced lag sees the S-Pen having a near real-time response rate which gives it a more ‘normal’ feel when taking notes during a virtual conference. As it has a somewhat bulkier build, it feels like you’re holding a pen or pencil and not a stylus.

A redefined keyboard

The keyboard has also received a few upgrades which feature a larger touchpad with multi-touch gesturing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ displays a new sixth row that the S7 doesn’t, which improves performance. By creating the expanded touchpad and adding new keys, Samsung has created a traditional PC workspace feel with the adaptability of a tablet.

Larger display screen

The Galaxy Tab S7+ has an impressive 12.4-inch AMOLED display which is great for those who are looking for a bigger digital workspace. As we are currently in the era of Zoom, this larger display will make conference calls look and feel spacier while also allowing you to run several applications side by side at the same time. If you want even more screen space, the Galaxy Tab S7+ will support a wireless stack, allowing you to project your screen onto larger displays.

DeX upgrades

Previously, you would’ve had to use cables or dongles to take profit of Samsung’s DeX – a platform which converts a tablet to computer functionality. However, with the Tab S7+, DeX will automatically load once the keyboard is connected to the screen. This means that you will no longer need accessories that could take up workstations and disrupt workflow.

The S7+ offers enhanced workstation capabilities and features which are now a necessity in this day and age for business users. To find out more, contact us at One Compare today.