Reasons why you should buy an iPad over a laptop

Many of us use laptops to perform daily tasks, either for work or for things like watching movies, reading the news and doing the weekly shop. Yet the iPad doesn’t just replace your laptop as it offers many benefits that will help make your life a little easier.

It’s simple and easy to use

A good thing that Apple has done with the iPad’s design is that the main screen of the iPad isn’t cluttered with widgets that you may not want. Instead, it is filled with apps that you will use on a daily basis, both for work and pleasure. The iPad is also very simple to navigate. You click the “Home” button to close an app, which by the way, is the only button located on the front of the iPad, as well as swiping left or right to switch between screens.


The portability of the iPad is a major benefit of using one, as the ease of using it in bed, on the couch or taking it out with you, will make you never want to carry a full-size laptop again. As iPads are quite small and light, they are able to fit into different sized bags, making them the ideal travel accessory wherever you go.

Movies and music galore

In addition to iTunes, the iPad has a wide range of music apps available, such as Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio and Pandora. It also supports popular video apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix, with dozens of apps to broadcast television and cable providers, such as NBC and CBS.

App selection

On the iPad, there are many apps which are capable of handling several of our daily tasks. These can include a video conferencing app, a web browser, an alarm clock and an email client. It also includes tablet-specific apps, such as a photo app, a camera and an app for playing music. In addition to this, Apple has made its iWork suite free for first-time iPad users, which includes a word processor, presentation software, a spreadsheet, a video editor and a music studio to have on your portable toolkit.