OPPO Reno2 is almost here – price revealed

Oppo, the Chinese manufacturer famed for that rare mix of affordability and features, has revealed its replacement to the popular ‘Reno’ phone – unsurprisingly it’ll be called the Reno2. Never one to understate things, Oppo hired out the former National Ballet building to showcase its latest big-name smartphone destroyer.

Actually, OPPO refer to this as the “Reno2 series” — i.e. that there will be more than one handset in the Reno2 range. So far, details are scant, but we’ll update this page as we get more information — we know there’ll be a Reno2 Z handset as well as the flagship, and there are even rumours that Oppo will release a phablet too.

Last week the new Reno2 device wowed the attending tech-friendly audience with a variety of innovative camera features – it’s clearly been designed as a smartphone to carry out your imagination. Especially impressive was the quad-lens camera on the Oppo Reno2, featuring 48MP main camera, 13MP telephoto lens, 2MP mono lens and 8MP wide angle lens. And the Reno2 Z comes with a main camera of 48MP, 8MP wide angle lens, 2MP mono lens and 2MP portrait lens.

The ‘dark’ mode has also been improved from the previous/existing model the Reno Z, and once we get out hands on it we’ll be sure to review the model in full. For those that aren’t aware, the Reno Z was one of our favourite smartphones from 2018/2019.

There’ll also be the more budget-friendly Z model again – no surprises here it’s called the “Reno2 Z” – if you don’t need quite the full feature-set of the Reno2.

How much will the Reno2 cost in the UK?

Pricing has yet to be fully confirmed but we’re hearing rumours it’ll retail for about £349.

The Reno2 Z will likely cost £299 at launch in the UK, which is a pretty special pricepoint given the jam-packed features that OPPO are famed for. We can’t wait!