OnePlus 7T Pro – Launches 17th October in UK

The OnePlus 7 Pro is easily the best Android phone around, but is it about to be beaten – by another OnePlus phone? Either way, we’re pleased to announce that the release date is… tomorrow. You can get your 7T Pro pre-orders in from 10am on the 17th October 2019 here.

So is the OnePlus 7T Pro worth buying?

The OnePlus 7T Pro is basically an update to the already rather good OnePlus 7 Pro – it’s been in development for some time, and the leaks have been forthcoming, but it’s finally here.

So just to recap: Unlike the OnePlus 7T, which is a huge update on the older OnePlus 7 (i.e. the non-Pro), the 7T Pro is a very minor spruce up that tweaks the original Pro’s hardware, rather than incrementally changing it.This makes it a little less exciting than its non-Pro sibling, but with the original Pro’s formula still offering a winning combo, the OnePlus 7T Pro is still a stellar handset and a perfect choice for any Android fan on the market for a top end smartphone – and what’s more it’s coming to the UK too.

The only downside is that, with the 7T featuring most of its core features and costing moderately less, it’s a little harder to justify the extra investment for the Pro OnePlus model this time around.

The OnePlus 7T Pro has an indistinguishable plan to its forerunner. To the point that I should reorder the depiction from our unique OnePlus7 Pro survey. For those that missed the first, this implies the OnePlus 7 highlights a comparable blended metal and glass configuration to basically every other leader telephone this year – truly, take the marking off and I’d bet a great many people wouldn’t have the option to tell the OnePlus 7T Pro and Galaxy S10 Plus separated.

This may sound somewhat dull, however the plan is as yet incredible generally. The telephone has a similar spring in advance camera, that sees its 16-megapixel front camera emerge from the telephone’s top when called upon. This implies the telephone’s front 6.67-inch, QHD+ goals screen remains totally score free, which is a colossal aid when watching movies or messing around on the telephone. The OnePlus 7T Pro’s diversion hacks are additionally supported by the Fluid AMOLED’s excellent screen quality, 90Hz invigorate rate and the double Dolby Atmos speakers. The arrangement’s indistinguishable from the normal Pro, which is no terrible thing.

The screen is superb; all around it is adjusted and includes simple to change shading settings, so you can change it exactly as you would prefer. The OLED board is reasonably splendid to satisfy versatile HDR guidelines and all things considered, you won’t locate a superior screen on generally cell phones.

Check out our full-scale OnePlus 7T Pro review once we get our hands on it, very soon.