Leaked details emerge of three new iPhones for 2019

Reports of plans to launch three new iPhone models later this year have been leaked online. But on the back of recent lacklustre launches from Apple, those who have seen the devices appear to have been less than inspired.

Judging by the details in 9to5Mac’s article, it appears as if the next generation of iPhone will continue the trend set last year of tweaking the model to target specific market segments rather than the launch of anything ground-breaking.

No giant leap forward

The 2018 launch of the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max were greeted with something of a sense of deflation, offering no huge leap on what had come before. The new models will be named the iPhone 11 series but will come with largely the same display technology as the current generation.

Though they will offer incrementally advanced processors and cameras, the follow-up to the iPhone XS and XS Max will again feature an OLED Retina display and the successor to the iPhone XR will retain Apple’s lower resolution Liquid Retina display. All three of the models will feature the same screen resolution as their predecessors.

Cameras lagging behind Samsung and Huawei

Citing “people who have seen the phones”, the 9to5Mac report appears to confirm that each of the successors will come with three rear-facing cameras, one of which will include a wide-angle lens. A new “Smart Frame” feature will bring additional options for taking wide-angle photos.

Apple has historically lagged behind the likes of Huawei and Samsung in terms of camera technology and despite advances in software the leaks appear to conclude that photos from the new models will remain a little way behind the market leaders.

The new phones will feature Apple’s homegrown A13 chip and appear to signal a shift away from the company’s 3D Touch technology with the launch of a new Taptic Engine which will bring pressure-sensitive capabilities to the display. Despite rumours to the contrary, the phones will retain a USB-C port. The three new models are due to be launched in the autumn.