4 hidden tricks found in the Samsung Galaxy S10

Every phone has their hidden tricks and uses. They may include shortcuts to open apps or buttons which help call upon handy processes; here are four things you probably didn’t know that the Samsung Galaxy S10 can do.

1. Wirelessly charge another device

It was one of the more prominently advertised features of the Samsung Galaxy S10; however, not many users know how to take full advantage of the process. The new feature, exclusive to Galaxy S10 phones, is initiated by pulling down the notifications bar in order to tap the “Wireless PowerShare” icon. Then simply lay your Galaxy S10 on its face and place any phone on top of the Galaxy S10 phone to begin charging.

2. Add portrait photo effects before or after taking photos

With the Galaxy S10 you can add effects such as blur, spot colour, zoom and spin effects on your portrait photos. Simply switch to Live Focus mode then tap on one of the camera effects to apply it. You can also add effects to previous photos by tapping “change background effect” and choosing from one of four effects.

3. Line up photos to get the best frame

Using this new feature, Galaxy S10 users can ensure that their photos are shot straight and not crooked. The process shows a yellow line in the viewfinder to show whether your phone is being held on an angle. To auto-align your photos, open the camera app, tap the settings “gear” icon and toggle on “shot suggestions.”

4. Create a you-moji

Samsung’s predecessor to Apple’s Memjoji got a refresh in the Galaxy S10 Plus. Using the phone’s AR capabilities, the phone allows you to make a 3D emoji of yourself as a man, woman, girl or boy. You can also produce digital beings such as dinosaurs. To use this tool, open the camera and flip to selfie mode. Tap “AR Emoji” at the top to begin.

So, if you’ve recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S10, or are close to purchasing one, make sure to check out these tricks in order to make your user experience even greater.