3 free iPhone apps you didn’t know you needed

We all know that mobile phones are capable of far more than phone calls and texts these days.

However, it is quite easy to stick to the same old apps when it comes to using your iPhone, whether that is social media apps like Facebook or Instagram, or perhaps website apps like eBay or Amazon. We are all for the discovery of new applications and in this article, we have some great app inspiration with some free downloads that you didn’t know you needed.

From an app that brings old photos back to life, to another that turns your mobile phone into a handheld encyclopaedia of gardening knowledge, you are bound to find something here that will make your iPhone or iPad even better.

1. PictureThis: The app for diagnosing sick plants

If you take great pride in tending to your garden or your house plants, PictureThis is the iPhone app for you. Quick to download due to being small in size, this app encourages you to take a few simple photos of a plant you might be worried about. In a few seconds, the application will not only tell you exactly what your plant is, but it will also offer suggestions on how to improve its wellbeing.

2. PhotoScan by Google

We all love to take great photos using our iPhones and the new camera on the iPhone 12 is something to behold. Yet, when it comes to nostalgic photo moments, it’s hard to beat the printed photos from your old photo albums. PhotoScan by Google allows you to effectively scan your old photos and turn them into digital files, using technology to fix any glare and dust on the image.

3: Shazam: What’s that song called again?

Shazam is far from a new app, but for music fans and the forgetful few among us, it’s a lifesaver for discovering and rediscovering music. Whether you are in a cafe, shopping centre or even at a gig, use Shazam to record audio and its amazing database of music will quickly tell you what song is playing and who the track is by. Link it to Spotify, and you’ll be able to add your newly found track straight into your library.

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