3 cool features to know about when buying an iPhone 11

Released in September 2019, the iPhone 11 has gone down a storm with mobile phone users. Full of the useful design flourishes and innovations from Apple, it is a handset that makes taking on daily life much easier. Of course, all the usual phone, text and video call functionality is built-in, along with the ability to connect to the internet or download apps. But what other cool features of this phone should you know about?

It is tough and robust

As with all updates to the iPhone, Apple made some changes to the overall design. While it might not be a feature per se, the general robustness has been improved over previous versions. This is so handy and means dropping the iPhone 11 does not always spell expensive repair bills! This is down to the toughest ever glass being used by the company to encase the handset and screen. This makes them one of the most durable smartphones around to carry with you.

Fresh camera set-up

The iPhone 11 also benefits from a fresh camera array. This brings together a twelve mega-pixel lens with one that can shoot ultra-wide angle. But why is this feature worth knowing about? This new camera array gives much greater zoom functionality and allows better quality photos to be taken. This handset has also been tweaked to allow users to record video at 60 frames per second and with 4K technology.

Fancy taking a slofie?!

One of the big talking points for many with this phone was the so-called ‘slofie’ feature. This enables the handset to capture slow-motion selfies at 120 frames per second. While this is not overly useful in a practical sense, it is a lot of fun to play about with. It gets even better when you take a group selfie shot!

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