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iPhone Xs Max Contract Deals – How To Find Them

Well here it is - the top of the range iPhone Xs Max for 2019. And it's a real beast; you could even call it a phablet rather than a traditional mobile phone. Whatever - it offers the same big, bright OLED screen and surprisingly portable chassis as the older X, but adds a faster processor and subtly but demonstrably better camera performance. But is it worth that huge price tag? Let's find out...

Summary of contents:
  1. iPhone Xs Max: Crisper display
  2. 4k Quality as Standard
  3. Power cranked up to the max
  4. Other features of iPhone Xs Max
  5. How much does the iPhone Xs Max cost?
  6. iPhone Xs Max price on contract UK?

iPhone Xs Max: Crisper display

Let's start with the screen. iPhone Xs Max features a 6.5" Super Retina display with custom-built OLED panels for an HDR display that provides the industry’s best colour accuracy, rich blacks and stunning brightness, as this review found.

The Xs Max also has Advanced Face ID, that lets you securely unlock your iPhone, log in to apps and pay with just a glance - yes, a glance. The A12 Bionic chip with next-generation Neural Engine uses real-time machine learning to transform the way you experience photos, gaming, augmented reality and more.

4k Quality as Standard

Stunning photos can be easily captured with the integrated camera, and iPhone Xs Max is equipped with a 2 of them. The resolution of the main rear camera of 12 megapixels shoots detailed, high-resolution photos.

However, this kind of footage needs a bit of space, to say the least - more on that below. So that your pictures do not blur even in weaker ambient light, the camera lens can mechanically stabilise the picture. If you like filming, you'll love the video features of this thing - you get 4K quality videos and pretty detailed selfies and a pleasant picture in video  mode which best utilises the 7 megapixel front camera to its fullest.

Power cranked up to the max

To cope with complex, demanding apps, the powerful, high-end iPhone Xs Max device is ideal for those who want the very best. It impresses photo enthusiasts with its powerful 7 or 12 megapixel cameras - ideal for those who like to shoot professional-quality photos or film in various circumstances.

Apple iPhone models all have different connections options: earphones (Airpods 2) connect to the iPhone Xs Max  via Lightning wire or by Bluetooth. You can of course again use the Lightning wire to charge the phone and connect other devices.

And as always a connection to the Internet can be established in the home thanks to the improved, and latest spec WLANac interface as well as on the road via the extra-fast 4G network. It isn't a 5G phone however.

The operating system is of course the latest iOS 12 and the iPhone Xs Max does its job smoothly, without annoying jerks - being more powerful than its predecessors this is to be expected. Even processor-intensive games you can play on the Xs Max without any sort of lag.

As usual with iPhone models, the memory is not expandable, but is offered in 3 fixed variants. The 64GB model is probably one to avoid unless you only need limited space. A good compromise between the two is the 256 GB model.

As for battery life, that's been bumped up too. The Xs Max's battery lasts up to 1.5 hours longer than that of the iPhone X, according to the manufacturer.

You can be reached at the same time on 2 numbers at the same time, because of the existing dual-SIM card reader can be used 2 SIM cards different network operators. This is handy if you want to use your mobile phone professionally and privately.

Other features of iPhone Xs Max

Frequent callers benefit from the large battery that will allow a call time of up to 25 hours. Wireless charging ensures the Qi technology of the iPhone XS Max; this saves you from cluttering up wires everywhere.

Additional security is provided by the integrated fingerprint sensor: Only your own impression unlocks the phone. The outer shell is more durable, because it is dust and water resistant. In fact, the scratch-resistant and grease-resistant surface protects against external influences like never before.

Amazingly, it can survive a 30 minute dive at a depth of up to 2 metres. Like the smaller iPhone Xs, the case is available in either Silver, Gold or Space Grey colours.

Should you buy an iPhone Xs max?

Let's weigh up the pros of the iPhone Xs Max:

  • Strong, resistant casing
  • High quality, Retina screen with rich deep colours
  • First-class technical equipment and specs
  • Film recording in the best 4K resolution
  • Powerful 12 megapixel camera with optical image stabiliser
  • Applications run smoothly; there's loads of power here
  • Very expensive
  • Being replaced shortly
  • Not 5G ready

How much does the iPhone Xs Max cost?

In the UK the Apple pricing starts at £999 although you can get them slightly cheaper from elsewhere, expect to pay no less than £925 for the handset. The high price for this handset has proved quite controversial.

iPhone Xs Max price on contract UK?

If you opt for the Xs Max on a pay monthly contract then the cheapest monthly price at the time of writing is £29.99 - although this comes with an upfront cost of £300 for the handset.

It is possible to get the iPhone XS Max with no upfront payment but then you will inevitably pay a lot more per month. Use the table above to compare iPhone Xs Max monthly contract prices now!

The cost to buy the handset outright is close to a thousand notes, meaning most people will prefer to pay monthly.

If you don't need the features or want to save a bit of money but still need a new iPhone then consider the much cheaper iPhone 8 or the  iPhone Xr. If you're looking for the very latest then don't forget the top-of-the-range iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is available now.

Description from: Mobiles.co.uk

The IPhone Xs Max featuring a 6.5 inch display, with an improved water and dust resistance of IP68. Available in 64GB and in 3 colours Space grey, gold and silver. it now has dual sim capabilities thanks to the embedded e-sim.

All iPhone Xs Max colours:

All iPhone Xs Max storage sizes:

Check each individual page for each size or storage capacity, to find the best deals.

FAQs for Apple iPhone Xs Max Deals

Is the iPhone Xs Max still available?

Yes! In the UK you can still get this great premium phone on contract. Although Apple may not be making it any more, there are still plenty of brand new Xs Max around for contract.

Which is better iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Given that the iPhone XS Max is now £400 cheaper, which is a lot of money, we'd have to side with the XS Max on price alone. But of course it depends if you really must have the latest iPhone top model.

Specs for Apple iPhone Xs Max

Dimensions: 157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7 mm Weight: 208 g
Operating System:
Platform: iOS Operating System: iOS 12
Resolution: 1242 x 2688
Memory Card: Processor: 2 Ghz RAM: 4 GB
Talk Time: 25 hours Battery Capacity: 3174
Front Camera: 7 MP Back Camera: 12 MP
Connection Type: 4G GPS: SIM Capacity: 1
WIFI: WIFI Hotspot: Bluetooth: USB: