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iPhone 7 Contract Deals – How To Find Them

The iPhone 7 brings - in addition to its elegant appearance - a revised camera, a new operating system and a large  memory. Thanks to splash protection, the robustness has also increased and your iPhone 7 should last longer than ever before.  But should you consider buying one or should you opt for a newer model such as the iPhone 8? Read on to find out our verdict.

Like its predecessors, the iPhone 7 was eagerly anticipated and several leaks came out before the official release all the way back in 2016: Would Apple actually get rid of the headphone jack? Is the new model waterproof? And importantly: What has the newest offspring got, that the older generations do not?

Splash-proof and re-equipped

The actual designing of the iPhone 7 probably never presented the American manufacturer with major problems because it's so similar to the previous model. And so the iPhone 7 comes in the usual smart garb: made of 7000-grade aluminum, the case is available in shades of silver, gold and rose gold.

Design: Externally, this iPhone looks similar to its successor, the more expensive iPhone 8. The rounded corners, the elegant but also smooth aluminum case and the iconic "Home" button on the front - these features no doubt underline that this is an iPhone.

Fortunately, compared to the iPhone 6s, the antenna strips have been unobtrusively integrated into the design, without affecting the reception in a negative way. Therefore, the housing actually looks like just one continuous whole piece. Add to that the extensive colour selection as mentioned above, and there is something for everyone.

Robustness: Unlike the iPhone X, the rear of the device is not made from tempered glass and therefore not slippery, but it means its more prone to breakage. Also, the display edges too are more susceptible to damage than that model, but the IP67 certification of the iPhone 7 - so it is dust and splash-proof - is most welcome and gives some peace-of-mind.

Better sound, same battery

Sound: Also a first, the iPhone stereo sound with the speaker at ear level and the one on the bottom. This makes the iPhone 7 much louder and more fun to play with, watch video or listen to music on.

And then there's the battery life: This is a bit of a negative. The processor's battery pack is also necessary, at least for the standard 4.7-inch small model, since the 1960 mAh small power supplier does not always last that long. You can always replace it with a better battery, but this seems kind of pointless.

On the iPhone 7 Plus, the 2900 mAh make a positive impact and means that model lasts a lot longer even with intensive use that battery lasts for 2 days. That's a positive step, but not a huge improvement over its predecessors.

Should I buy an iPhone 7 in 2019 still?

If you don't mind a phone that is missing out on newer camera technology, or a fingerprint scanner, then the iPhone 7 is still a worthy contender for your affections. It's got that unique iPhone look, but without the pricetag to match. If you are buying an iPhone 7 on contract in 2019, rather than SIM-Free, then use the table above to find your perfect plan.

Comparing iPhone 7 on Pay Monthly

The cheapest monthly price as of writing is £8 a month, for a 18 month plan. That's pretty cheap for an Apple device, although it does require a larger upfront fee to lock in that price. Use the sliders at the top left to find your perfect contract price & plan.

Description from: Mobiles.co.uk

The iPhone 7 comes with a brighter and more colourful screen with 3D touch, a water and dust resistant design, a better 12MP camera, double the internal capacity of its predecessor and an extended battery life. It has better audio too with dual speakers. The overall design is rather impressive, making this device one of the most interesting and powerful phones Apple has ever released.

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Specs for Apple iPhone 7

Dimensions: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm Weight: 138 g
Operating System:
Platform: iOS Operating System: iOS 10
Resolution: 1334 x 750 Display Type: IPS Display Size: 4.7
Memory Card: Memory Card Slot: None Chipset: Apple A10 Fusion Processor: 2.3 Ghz RAM: 2 GB
Talk Time: 14 hours Stanby Time: 240 hours Battery Capacity: 1960 Battery Type: Non-removable
Front Camera: 7 MP Back Camera: 12 MP
Connection Type: 4G GPS: GPS Type: A-GPS and GLONASS SIM Capacity: 1
WIFI: WIFI Type: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WIFI Hotspot: Bluetooth: Bluetooth Type: 4.2 with LE USB: