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Thinking of buying a refurbished or second-hand contract for the iPhone 11 Pro? Then look no further than Foned.

We compare pay monthly contracts for Apple iPhone 11 Pro as well as hundreds of other phones, including all sizes and colours. What's more, we also check for deals from the biggest UK networks such as O2, Vodafone, BT Mobile, Virgin Media, iD Mobile and many more. And that's not all, we also gather refurb contract data from resellers like and Affordable-Mobiles.

Why should I consider refurbished iPhone 11 Pro contracts?

If you're not sure whether you should buy a new or used/refurbished iPhone 11 Pro contract, for example if it's a new concept to you as you normally buy only brand new, then consider the following:

  • All refurbished iPhone 11 Pro phones on contract are Grade B or better.
  • This means that all phones are either in "good" or "excellent" condition, and in many cases they are "as new".
  • Buying a refurb iPhone 11 Pro can save you up to £300 in total off the price of buying new.
  • You usually get them via next-day delivery, as you would a brand new phone.

Should I buy a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro on contract?

All things considered, it usually makes great financial sense to buy a refurbished Apple iPhone 11 Pro if you're looking to save money. With the cost-of-living crisis spreading, some phones make more sense to buy outright on Sim-Free (sometimes called 'Unlocked'). It is a personal choice, but comparing prices on contracts is an easy way to make up your mind.

The popularity of buying used phones is increasing, and a lot of the plans no longer require a credit check. This is perfect if you have poor or no credit history, but still want a decent phone. Plus, you can spread the cost over the course of a few months (typically 12-24).

Which are the most in-demand refurbished phones?

Here are the most popular refurb phones/contract as of July 2024 that we compare prices on:

  1. iPhone SE 2022 (refurbished)
  2. iPhone 14 Pro (refurbished)
  3. iPhone 14 Pro Max (refurbished)
  4. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (refurbished)
  5. iPhone 13 Pro (refurbished)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (refurbished)
  7. iPhone 14 Plus (refurbished)
  8. iPhone 13 mini (refurbished)
  9. iPhone iPhone 12 Pro Max (refurbished)
  10. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (refurbished)

FAQs for iPhone 11 Pro Refurb Contracts

Looking for a refurbished Apple iPhone 11 Pro contract deal? Then read these commonly asked questions first, or if you still need help then contact us for assistance.

iPhone 11 Pro - worth it or not?

You're probably deciding if you should opt for the normal, cheaper iPhone 11, or the 11 Pro. Going for the '11 Pro' does have some huge benefits, but of course it costs a bit more. Generally speaking the iPhone 11 Pro has slightly better reviews, mainly due to the improved screen vs the regular '11'.

Which colours are available in the UK?

On the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple have pushed the boat out and given you a larger choice of colours than you might expect, although the regular 'iPhone 11' has more colours overall. The current colours are: Gold, Midnight Green, Grey and Silver.

How much is the iPhone 11 Pro per month?

The cheapest price is £15 a month but you're going to have to stump up quite a large chunk of money on the upfront fee. If you're not comfortable with that, then you can get a much better deal (in our opinion) by paying around £35 a month.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro a good phone still?

Damn, what a question! It's literally one of, if not the best iPhone models ever. And the reviews agree (not just our review but all of them). The iPhone 11 Pro Max is a costly upgrade and only really for the power users with deep pockets; the normal 11 Pro strikes the best middle ground.

Specs for Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Dimensions: 144 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm Weight: 226 g
Operating System:
Platform: Android Operating System: iOS 13
Resolution: 1125 x 2463
Memory Card: RAM: 4 GB
Talk Time: 17 hours Stanby Time: 18 hours Battery Capacity: 3190
Front Camera: 12 MP Back Camera: 12 MP
Connection Type: LTE GPS: SIM Capacity: 1
WIFI: WIFI Hotspot: Bluetooth: USB:

Overview: iPhone 11 Pro Contract Deals

The Foned robots are comparing 178 Apple iPhone 11 Pro contract deals on all the major UK mobile phone network(s):

iPhone 11 Pro: What's the cheapest monthly deal?

The cheapest monthly cost for the iPhone 11 Pro currently is £10.50 a month. Although this varies depending on how much upfront you want to pay – if you are looking to spend about £100 upfront then there are a number of deals on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro available right now via pay monthly.

iPhone 11 Pro deals: How long does delivery take?

If your device is in stock with the retailer, then most orders will be shipped by them within 24 hours so you could have your phone tomorrow morning. If it's a pre-order then we will let you know the approximate delivery date.

Is SIM Only better for iPhone 11 Pro?

Generally speaking, SIM Only is cheaper but you don't have the benefit of paying monthly for your handset like the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, so it only really makes financial sense if you are in the fortunate position to be able to buy the handset outright first. Yes, it works out cheaper overall if you can do that, at least nearly always – but it is really a personal preference. Find out more about SIM Only Deals here

Not sure which mobile network to go for?

Foned completely gets it, it's not easy trying to understand the differences of each mobile network operator. Is o2 any better than Vodafone for this smartphone, when it comes to coverage? Or worse? It's a real minefield. Another example, which is better? A Apple iPhone 11 Pro ee contract or a Apple iPhone 11 Pro Tesco Mobile contract?

The reality is, it can make a huge difference to your satifaction with the overall product. Who wants to have cruddy download speeds? But never fear – Foned is here. Don't forget to check our latest Blog posts below.

Before you decide to buy a contract or handset, it's important to know if you'll get a signal. Who wants to be walking around into mobile network's blackholes?! After all, ordering your brand new Apple iPhone 11 Pro contract only to find you can't use your data (never mind going over the allowance!) in your own house will be pretty not cool.

A simple website a number of our visitors have used is Open Signal which maps signals across all major mobile networks within the UK.

So which UK network has the best signal?

According to Which?, in their recent research, they focused on 4G performance and found that EE offered the fastest average 4G download speeds of the four networks (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone). While EE customers enjoyed average 4G download speeds of 29Mbps, those using the O2 network had to put up with an average speed of just 15.1Mbps.

EE's network was also at the top of the list when it came to the availability of its 4G signal, with customers able to access it 78.5% of the time. Customers with Three had the poorest access to a 4G signal - they were able to access it just 57.1% of the time – that's only just more than half the time, 24/7!

Foned's extensive deals & contract database checks for prices and details on 178 Apple iPhone 11 Pro deals, covering 1 colour(s):

So what are you waiting for – search for your desired Apple iPhone 11 Pro handset colour, and perfect contract using our filters.

SIM-Only plans are a cheaper way of getting a monthly contract. Compare SIM Only deals for Sky Mobile, O2 and Vodafone, plus all the other networks at our sister webiste SIMOnly.Deals!

Pro Tip: A great way to save a few extra pounds when comparing SIM Only contracts, is to consider purchasing a pre owned Apple iPhone 11 Pro phone from the likes of musicMagpie, SellCompare, BackMarket or GiffGaff Recycle, who provide warranties and flexible handset payment terms.

What's in the box with my iPhone 11 Pro?

If you take out a contract on this device then Apple will helpfully provide you with a charger, headphones, the device itself, and a few other things beside. See our full list of items below:

  1. Device
  2. Charging wire, UK plug
  3. Headphones
  4. USB Cabling
  5. Device
  6. SIM Card tool
  7. Quick-start booklet
  8. Warranty info

Boring legal bit: All deals information is obtained from third-parties and while we strive to keep it as accurate as possible, some errors may occur. If you have seen an error please notify the Foned deals team. Foned may earn a referral commission if a customer successfully purchases a contract deal via our website. Please refer to individual retailer’s terms and conditions before applying or purchasing.